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Certified Health Care and Technical Institute

Medical Assistant Career

“A key to a brighter future”.

Position where you can work as a Medical Assistant are:


  • Administrative Medical Assistants

  • Assistants, Medical

  • Assistants, Ophthalmic Medical

  • Assistants,Optometric

  • Assistants, Podiatric Medical

  • Autopsy Assistants

  • Certified Medical Assistants

  • Chiropractic Assistants

  • Clinical Medical Assistants

  • Morgue Attendants

  • Ocular Care Aides

  • Ophthalmic Medical Assistants

  • Ophthalmic Medical Assistants And Optometric Assistants

  • Optometric Aides

  • Optometrist Assistants

  • Optometry Assistants

  • Orthopedic Cast Specialists

  • Podiatric Aides

  • Podiatric Medical Assistants

  • Specialized Medical Assistants

Medical Assistant Career

Professionalism, Knowledge & Service

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